Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 Premiere Recap

Random Notes version.This is long, but I hope you Grey’s Anatomy fans like it. 🙂 I’m highlighting the standouts.

Early on in the beginning of episode 1 season 4, George is introduced as an intern and Izzie desperately questions George about what he’s been doing since the last time they saw each other at Christina and Burke’s wedding gone wrong.

The Seattle Grace Hospital crew hasn’t seen each other for 17 days! And somehow during their few weeks of separation, Christina decides to come back rockin’ pigtails, George has managed to get even hotter, Derek has gone from good looking to hot and Callie looks like she’s packed on a few pounds.

When Derek/McDreamy discovers that Lexie is the girl he told Meredith he met in the bar, Meredith tells him “I’m the girl from the bar!” and shoots him the perfect icy cold stare.

Who the eff are these interns and why do they seem to be littering the hospital by the dozens?

Callie tells George that she might be pregnant and he looks like he rather shave his pubes with a weedwacker than have to father Callie’s baby. Callie then tells him that she’s not pregnant and George tells her he’s busy and walks away. Callie needs to give up on the relationship. George is really just not that into her.

Christina seems bitchier than usual, telling the interns “Don’t suck up, I already hate you!” then she tells Derek/McDreamy, “I don’t like you because you’re you.” Christina is a total asshole, but we luv it!

One of the funniest parts of the episode was when Izzie stalks George and finds him on the stairs and yells, “I’m Bambi, George!” Um,… okay bitch.

Grey’s also gave us a new medical term, “Pica!” Sometimes Grey’s comes up with pretty unbelievable plotlines like the pregnant man, but Pica’s actually a real condition.

It’s obvious that Grey’s Anatomy writers want Meredith’s half sister Lexie to be the lovable character we all adore. She gives George a great motivational speech, and George responds by telling her, “You’re kind of awesome.” But I don’t like this bitch and she needs to go away. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but she just kind of looks like too many other bitches or something and she’s just too perfect right now for me to find her likable and real.

Izzie’s interns hate her, especially because she made them help her save a deer while there were more interesting surgeries going on. But Izzie fought back by calling her interns “duds” to their faces after they called her a “dud” behind her back. 🙂 Nice comeback.

Dr. Burke aka Isaiah Washington is also gone this season. Before the season started, I said I would miss him, and I do. Actually, I browsed a few message boards. Not only has Grey’s Anatomy’s ratings dropped, but lots of fans are saying they loved Burke and they’re no longer watching now that he’s gone… anywho, Burke’s ex Christina was grieving over Burke this episode. That’s a win. She was actually human and the only time I find Christina likable on a personal level is when she’s not stone cold.

Callie’s a horrible chief but she better deal wit it.

Meredith gives Derek a “we’re breaking up” speech and they both agree that their relationship is over. Then Derek leans in and moves towards a kiss and Meredith backs away a little before he pulls her face nearer and starts to suck on her tonsils. Derek then says this is a “break up kiss” and as they begin to get it on Derek says they have to have “break up sex!” How could Meredith resist that shit? Break up sex is beyond hot. You know this.

The episode ends with George appearing on Izzie’s porch where he declares, “I love you too.” Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

** Next week George tells Izzie that he can leave Callie for her and they also show him trying to dump Callie and she tells him “don’t say anything.” Someone’s in denial! The rest of next week’s episode I didn’t realy pay attention to. For now it’s all about the George/Izzie/Callie love triangle.

pic source: ABC