Hailie Jade: Eminem’s Daughter Keeps Getting Cuter

Hundreds of folks have weighed in on POTP about whether or not Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade, 15, is cute. I say she definitely didn’t start off cute, but she keeps getting better looking as she grows up.

Hailie Jade picEminem's daughter picture

Here are some more pictures of Eminem‘s pride and joy. I really adore Emimem for stepping up to the plate and being a responsible parent all the while talking trash about his deadbeat father. There’s no shortage of deadbeats out there, but Eminem has a strong fan base and at least he leads by example.

Hailie is so under the radar. Marshall Mathers doesn’t take her to any red carpet events, she lives in Michigan, and I take it she has a pretty normal life? Good for her.

Hailie Jade cheerleader pictureHailie Jade up closeHailie Jade imageEminem's daughter isn't uglyHailie Jade is gorgeousHailie Jade smiling pictureHailie Jade is prettyHailie Jade and friends pictureHailie Jade dressed upHailie Jade curly hair

So what do you think – IS HAILIE JADE CUTE OR UGLY?

  • Caitlin Parker

    Eminem doesn’t go to any red carpet events dumbass.Look up facts before you write pointless articles.And that is just low asking if she is ugly or not.She is gorgeous! Just look at her.She was adorable when she was younger and now she is a beautiful grown up woman.And a lot of people are very proud of her.She is very good looking like her parents and is the spitting image of them.I would say that they are wonderful parents and have raised her well.Her last name is Scott because of the media and she was even sent to public school.Ia’m so,so thankful and happy that she has not turned out like a wild dog off of the leash,like the brat Miley Cirus.She seems well adjusted and smart.I’m happy that she is hardly ever exposed to the cruel media in Hollyword or LA.Her Dad didn’t want to raise a snob he wanted her having the life he didn’t,but at the same time trying to have a normal one.