Halle Berry Says She’s ‘NOT Pregnant!’

Halle Berry appeared on The Jay Leno Show where she said that she wanted to “put all the pregnancy rumors to bed.”

Ms. Berry says she is not pregnant and she must have just been enjoying too much junk food. Her body is still banging, really, so people should shut it. There’s no reason for her to be “getting a complex” about her body.

After Halle says that she’s not pregnant, she tells a funny story about some dumb lady in the grocery store talking to her daughter, Nahla. This interview made me think: As much as I don’t like Jay Leno cause his chin causes global warming and contributes to overpopulation, he must have forged many great relationships with people in the entertainment industry for his show to launch with A-listers talking to him about current gossip.

Well done, Jay! I’m sure a Kathy Griffin show would only have guests that we have never heard of.