Hannah Simone: ‘Cece and Schmidt Aren’t in Love’

Hannah Simone plays Cece, the hot model on New Girl who began sleeping with her best friend’s roommate, Schmidt. Hannah and Schmidt make a great pair, they’re both cocky and interested in the same things, but they’re both struggling with where their fiery relationship is going.

Hannah Simone: New Girl Screening Photo

Months after meeting Hannah for the first time, she hasn’t changed a bit. She remains as friendly and talkative as she’s always been, so I didn’t hesitate to ask Hannah about Cece’s man and what’s in store for tonight’s hilarious season finale!

POTP: I met you at TCA.

Hannah: Oh yes, cool! You love my bangs.

POTP: Yes.

Hannah: I remember! I remember.

POTP: I’m glad to see that you’re with Schmidt! Do you think your relationship softens your character and makes her more vulnerable?

Hannah: Of course. Ya, I think that’s just real life. We’re this strong version of ourselves and the one thing that makes you vulnerable, because when you lose control, is when you develop feelings for somebody. I think that’s cracked Cece wide open.

POTP: Cece said that she likes Schmidt, but do you think that she loves him?

Hannah: I think they’re on that path. I mean, I don’t know. I think this is probably the first time for both of them that they really dig somebody and they’re really connected. They’ve always gone through such a huge test with the pregnancy scare. And I always thought that Schmidt’s reaction was so touching. “We made a caramel miracle.” I thought that was so adorable. I think they’re on the path because they obviously genuinely connect, but it’s the early days.


POTP: What are Cece and Schmidt going through on the finale?

Hannah: They’ll be finally forced to deal with emotional intimacy and they’ve been avoiding it by just really overindulging in physical intimacy. It’s interesting what happens between the two of them.

POTP: I’ve seen your Esquire and Maxim pics. Very nice!

Hannah: Thank you.

POTP: Was it nerve wracking stripping down on the show for certain scenes or is that comparable to photo shoots?

Hannah: It’s great on the show to do it for the simple fact that I have someone else who has to do it [laughs]! Well at least if it’s gonna feel weird, someone else understands how weird this is gonna feel, so I’m lucky that I have a partner in crime.

POTP: Do fans like you with Schmidt? I think you were saying they love you with Schmidt.

Hannah: I think they can really feel the chemistry between those two characters and it feels relatable to a real dating scenario where you’re unsure but you want to but your feelings are there and you just want to work it out. I think that’s why people care so much.

POTP: Do we have any cliffhangers in the finale and what would you like to see next season?

Hannah: There’s a big cliffhanger, there’s a lot of them. They’ve been going through so much all season, all of the characters, that they’re really forced to deal with it during the finale. A roommate moves out. There’s a lot for season two to deal with.