Happy 21st Birthday, Bristol Palin!

It’s a strange time to be an American, what with the crippled economy, massive debt, nationwide protests, and fast-approaching presidential elections. With all that discord and strife, at least there’s one bright spot on the horizon – Bristol Palin can now legally buy booze and hang out in bars. Oh, the headlines we’ll see!

Bristol Palin Looks Good Photo

Bristol turns 21 today, and though she may be a living embodiment of everything that’s wrong with this country, we’ll wish anyone a happy 21st. It’s pretty much the only birthday that actually means anything, and if anyone deserves to get sh!tfaced and forget about their problems for a while, it’s Bristol. Hell, the poor girl has Sarah friggin’ Palin for a mother.

So drink up, Bristol. Just stay don’t go crawling into any tents with any drunken rednecks. Or, if you do, at least bring a condom.

(Photo: ABC)