Haylie Duff Nose Job, Chin Surgery Before and After Pics

Haylie Duff has always looked exactly like a horse. A horse that has bubes, talks, wears makeup, and has a much hotter younger sister; but now she's changed that by going under the knife and having her nose and chin filed down.

Haylie Duff nose job before and after

The work that Haylie Duff had done cost an estimated $20,000!! Dayum.

“Haylie had her nose done and her chin reduced,” New York City–based plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas P. Sterry, who has not treated Haylie, tells Star, explaining that Haylie’s nose has been shortened, angled upward and rounded off.

“I think they made her chin smaller by chipping away at the bone,” he adds.“This is a good job. I think Haylie’s features have better harmony.”

Haylie looks much better! I'm so happy for the former horseface.