Heath Asked Director To Call and Wake Him Up

Shekhar Kapur, who directed Heath Ledger in the 2002 adventure Four Feathers, says “last spoke to him the night before he died.

Heath Ledger Image

“I had just arrived in New York last night, he said he could not see me that night but really wanted to meet me the next day. He made me promise that I would call him in the morning and wake him up.”

Police confirm that they confiscated prescribed sleeping aid Ambien in the apartment where Ledger’s body was found Tuesday.

In November, Ledger had told The New York Times that he often took the prescribed sleeping aid, Ambien, to help him fall asleep. “Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night,” he said. “I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted and my mind was still going.”

He went on to say that taking one pill had no effect on him; he’d have to take two to fall asleep. But then, he said, he would awake an hour later with his “mind still racing.”

Signing off, Kapur writes:

“Farewell Heath. I always knew you had an ancient soul. I always said you had a wisdom beyond your years. And somehow I always knew that your spirit was too restless. Goodbye, my brother.”

So Kapur didn’t come through on his promise to call and wake Heath? I’m sure that’s exactly what Heath’s family wants to hear right now. Good job, a-hole.