Heidi Pratt Tortured on I’m a Celebrity set, Has Gastric Ulcer

Heidi Montag began “convulsively throwing up” on the Costa Rica set of I’m a Celebrity.

heidi sick

She was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a gastric ulcer! Heidi and Spencer Pratt were held in a dark room with only water, rice and beans as punishment for leaving the show.

One cast member said “It’s the same as Guantanamo Bay.” I guess they have terrorists on the show… True, does Janice Dickinson’s face count?

NBC execs also tried to convince Heidi to stay instead of taking an ambulance to the hospital! Heidi did go to the hospital and was prescribed meds. She has since left.

AND, this show sounds so shady! I don’t think it will run for another season cause they treat contestants like poop. At least I hope not.

TMZ reports,

We’re told some of the cast members want to quit, but their passports have been taken away and they are under guard.

Paul Telegdy,  NBC’s Exec VP of Alternative Programming, told Ryan Seacrest about holding Heidi and Spencer in isolation as punishment, adding, “… They are now going to be examined, and their value system utterly deconstructed … These people really are going to bare their souls.”

We’re told Spencer has fired his lawyer (who wanted him to stay on the show) and is now planning to sue NBC over the show.

Spencer and Heidi now want out … for good … but there’s a problem — they signed a contract with NBC to do the show.