Heidi Rhoades: Pictures of Jillian Michaels’ Lesbian Lover

Jillian Michaels hid her sexuality from the mainstream media until she adopted her child from Haiti, Lu. Jillian explains that witnessing the bond between parent and child on The Biggest Loser showed her what she's "been missing." Michaels has endometriosis and she knew that she could not give birth.


Heidi Rhoades, a former music manager, and Jillian's romantic relationship was ironically getting serious at the same time that Jillian was trying to adopt a child of her own.

Heidi's biological clock was ticking so she asked the celebrity personal trainer "What if I try to get pregnant and whatever happens happens?"

Now that Jill is a mother to two young children, Heidi gave birth to a son named Phoenix, Jillian has gained new insights on what it means to be a parent.

"Telling moms 'You need to put yourself first'?" she says, rolling her eyes. "It's impossible to put yourself first when you're a mom. Now it's like, no, we're not going to watch Mad Men, we're going to play blocks. You have to sacrifice and grow up."

I love Jillian! Her children have an incredible mother.