Hulk Hogan Flashes His Penis With Daughter Brooke in the Room

I am a daddy's girl through and through. You mess with my dad, you're messing with me, and vice versa. That being said, I don't have my dad rub suntan lotion on my ass cheeks, nor would I pretend that he's innocent after cheating for decades on his wife and then picking out a girlfriend who looks like my identical twin.



In Brooke Hogan's eyes, her father Hulk can do no wrong. Case in point, Hulk whips his dick out with Brooke right next to him and she's all chill about it, like one of her friends did it and it's all good. There's nothing to see here, folks! Brooke's reaction is very telling. She's obviously seen all kinds of incestuous crap like this while growing up and she's desensitized by it. I kind of believe that if Brooke and the Hulk are cool with it, than that's all that matters, really. I also believe that they would have been married for at least three years by now had she been born and raised in the Souf or on a Polygamist ranch. Those damn Hollywood careers always break up wholesome couples.

Jump in for the disturbing, or not so disturbing (depends on what you're into), madness.