Ivan Pillud: Nude Photos Leaked

Argentine soccer player Ivan Pillud has been caught with his pants down.

Ivan Pillud picture

The 24 year-old soccer stud got his penis ready for its closeup and he posed for nude photos of himself and his hard abs and peen.

I have no idea of who this guy is, but he plays for Spain’s La Liga and he’s hot. Staring at his nekkid body is all the research that needs to be conducted. He reportedly is seen masturbating on a video online. I think he got pussy whipped and one of his hoes put him up to this. I love a woman who knows how to spit game and flip the script. Not all of us chicks are like Rihanna and think that females are the only ones who should get nude and send some pics.

Oh, and Ivan’s not small, but his dick is crooked; it looks too rebellious for my taste. Perverse pun intended.