J-Woww Nude Photos Published For The ‘Right Price’

Jenni “J-Woww” Farley‘s body is so good, it’s how she got her name, according to MTV. When J-Woww walks in the room, the men go, “wow!” Jenni, 23, told E! news that she wouldn’t hesitate to take it all off.

J-Woww crotch shot

J-Woww bra picture

Jenni told E! “If Playboy approached me and the price was right, I’d totally do it. Yeah, for sure!”

Should we get excited right now? Jersey Shore is blowing up so I think there’s a good chance that Jenni will make us all go “J-Woww!” in a naked photospread, if Playboy is smart enough. From the pictures above, you can already tell that Jenni makes a hot model and she knows how to work that camera.


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