Jake Pavelka is Gay?

Paul Rosseau, a Bachelorette contestant, says that Jake Pavelka is gay. Paul’s comments come in the wake of Vienna Girardi saying that Jake wouldn’t have sex with her. Jake’s excuse? They were having problems in their relationship and that made him disinterested in having sex with her.

Jake Pavelka Gay

Paul said, “I definitely think he has gay tendencies, not only because of the way he dresses but also because he didn’t want to have sex with a beautiful girl and never really tried with the other girls on the show.”

That’s a weak quote/proof that Jake’s a homo and Radar probably paid Paul for that. I don’t blame Jake for not wanting to have sex with Big Bird lookalike Vienna. And “the way he dresses” is metrosexual, not gay. Jake’s feminine, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s gay; the other Bachelorette contestants are just throwing shade because they’re not as famous as he is.

Jake has emphatically denied being gay, but Vienna’s bedroom revelations have kept the controversy flaming. She said in an interview that Jake said premarital sex was a sin, but that was after he abstained from sex to go on a religious fast and after they started their relationship with passion. Vienna detailed Jake’s series of excuses for avoiding intimacy for six months.

Another Bachelorette contestant says he doesn’t think Jake Pavelka‘s gay, he’s just not used to the hoes who compete on The Bachelor. And another contestant said that Jake is phony and always trying to impress. All the wrinkles on Jake’s face scare me and he’d make a bad gay guy. He’s corny as hell, painfully boring, and cheesy – everything the gays are not. I think they’d tell him to GTFOutta their community. Stay with the chicks, Jake.

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