Jay-Z Allegedly Has A Secret Son With Shennelle Scott

Is it possible that Beyonce’s baby isn’t the first golden spawn to come from Jay-Z’s loins? According to Andrews, who is the father of Malik Sayeed, who thought he was originally the father of Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott’s baby, is claiming Jay-Z had a baby with Shenelle 9 years ago. It’s like a game of telephone, isn’t it!

Jay-Z and Pregnant Beyonce

Andrews told Star magazine that Malik had thrown Shenelle a baby shower, and bought her all kinds of stuff to prepare for the baby’s arrival, but apparently everyone knew she was sleeping with Jay and “There was a good chance it was his.”

Once the baby boy was born, he didn’t look anything like Malik and a paternity test allegedly revealed Jay-Z was the daddy. A source claims, Shenelle told me that Jay-Z gave her $1 million to keep her mouth shut. My understanding is that he’s paying her child support.”

I believe there’s a lot more hush babies out there than we’ll ever know about, so I’m not gonna touch this one with a 10-foot pole. This isn’t the first time Jay-Z has been rumored to be Shenelle’s baby daddy, but this rumor seems to refuse to die… Especially when people bring it up just to make a quick buck.

Photo: WENN