Jay-Z Bodyguard Attacking Paparazzi Video

Note To Self: Don’t take pics of Jay-Z and Beyonce when Jay’s bodyguard is around! 

Jay-Z and his bootylicious Beyonce were being photographed after leaving a restaurant in Croatia Tuesday night and apparently Jay’s bodyguard had enough of the paparazzi snapping the pics.

Jay’s bodyguard ended up snatching one of the pap’s tripod and threw it into the Adriatic Sea, and is now being charged with destroying personal property and assault. I don’t understand why the bodyguard was charged when you can clearly see the camera dude jabbing his tripod at him!

The incident occurred at around 1:30 AM in Dubrovnik after Jay and Beyonce ate at a local restaurant. Police say they are trying to track down the bodyguard so they can talk to him — the investigation is ongoing.

That’s a bunch of bullsh*t! That bastard deserved to have his crap thrown in the water after swinging that tripod at Jay’s hired bodyguard. He’s lucky big boy didn’t just pick him up and throw him into the sea instead!