Jeremy Lin: Kris Humphries Rules, Kim Kardashian Drools

Jeremy Lin may be the best thing to happen to the New York Knicks since Spike Lee first bought season tickets, but even if you’re not a basketball fan, there’s plenty of reason to love the Asian sensation. Namely, he agrees with the rest of us that Kris Humphries seems like a stand-up guy, while Kim Kardashian just needs to go away.

Jeremy Lin PhotoKim Kardashian Shocked Image

Lin and the Knicks suffered a loss to Humphries’ Nets last night, but far from being a bad sport, Kris says Jeremy sought him out to offer some words of encouragement after the game. As has been the case every time he’s taken the court this season, The Hump was met with a chorus of boos from New York fans, but Lin thought the din was akin to a sin (I’ll stop now). Kris says Jeremy approached him with a show of support. “He just said, ‘Hey, I don’t know why they boo you, but I think it’s crap, and you’re playing really well,'” Humphries told reporters.

Better yet, Lin thinks the prospect of dating Kim Kardashian is HIGH-larious. When asked about the rumors that he’d taken Kris’ place as Kim’s newest victim, Jeremy could barely contain his laughter. “I’m not…that type,” Lin said when asked if he would ever consider gettin’ it in with Kim. Jump in to check out an interview clip and see Lin react to the prospect of dating Kim the way every man should – with a staunch, “Nah, I’m good.” #Linning!