Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper are Dating

Jennifer Maniston and Bradley Cooper aren’t a couple yet, and they may have just gone on one public date, but “a source” (that I think is Jennifer Aniston’s publicist) ran to People magazine to talk about it.

jen and bradley

Do we still think that Jenny’s a loser at love regardless of her co-dependency issues and ability to date hotter, younger men? Hells to the yes! And why is she dating a man with the same first name as Mr. Pitt? Hmmm… issues.

Several weeks after Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper reportedly flirted at a party, the pair enjoyed a cozy late-night dinner on Thursday.

“It was a date,” says a source. “She is taking it slow. She is obviously looking for love, but is not about to rush into anything.”

Cooper, 34, the star of The Hangover, said he’s looking “for humor, great personality, intelligence, inner and outer beauty” in a woman.”

“Jen is moving on with her life like she always does. She seems happy.”

Does “moving on with” your life mean continuing to date men that every woman wants and hoping that he’ll put a ring on it? Cause if that’s the case, b*tch has remained in the same spot. The only thing that’s moving along with Jennifer Aniston are her drooping titties as gravity begins to take hold.