Jennifer Aniston Introduced Justin Theroux To Her Dad

Jennifer Aniston is so smitten with Justin Theroux that she has introduced him to her dad. Jen, Justin and her poppa John Aniston met up for dinner at Delmonico’s Steak and Lobster house in LA earlier this month and onlookers say Jen was visibly nervous and seemed “more on edge”.

Jennifer and Justin Photos

“She was smiling a lot but you could tell this was a special event for her.”

To calm their nerves, Justin and John split a bottle of wine. Eyewitnesses say daddy is very protective of Jen and while Justin went to the restroom, John “put his hand on top of hers. It was sweet.”

Apparently the meeting went well but I wonder how John truly feels about Justin. Poppa Aniston recently confided the perfect guy for Jen would be someone honest because “honesty is very important.” So I wonder what he thinks about Justin running around with Jen while he was still with his girlfriend Heidi? We already know how Justin’s parents feel about that situation and it’s not exactly happy thoughts.

Photos: WENN