Jennifer Lawrence Covers Rolling Stone, Gets Naked For Friends

If you’re one of the millions of people who saw The Hunger Games over the weekend and decided you’d like to see star Jennifer Lawrence nude, you’re in luck! It seems there’s an easy way to get J-Law to strip down for you  – just get yourself or someone you know cast in one of the THG sequels, and you’re halfway there.

Jennifer Lawrence sexy Rolling Stone

Just ask Zoe Kravitz, whose dad starred with Jen in the blockbuster film. “I’d met her a few times, and she was like, ‘You should come over and we’ll hang out,'” Zoe says in the new issue Rolling Stone, which features Jennifer on the cover. “So I go over to her apartment, and she opens the door in a towel. She’s like, ‘Come in, sorry, you’re early, I was about to shower.’ And she drops her towel and gets in the shower, and starts shaving her legs, totally naked.”

The awesomeness doesn’t end there. Woody Harrelson tells RS the story of his first meeting with Jen: “I was on my bus, and on my bus I have a yoga swing. Jennifer comes on, and she goes, ‘Hi, Woody, I’m J— is that a sex swing?’ Her first sentence to me.” This chick gets better and better the more we hear about her, and she’s still new to the A-list. Just wait until she really lets her guard down.