Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart: Wedding Planning In Mexico?!

She may have only split from Marc Anthony 8 months ago, but according to Star magazine, Jennifer Lopez is already planning a wedding with Casper Smart. This would make it four trips down the aisle for J-Lo, in case you’re keeping track at home.

Jennifer Lopez wedding cover

Star claims that Jen and Casper are in the process of planning a “small, intimate yacht wedding” in Mexico. According to the tabloid, J-Lo has her mind made up, and she’d let Casper put a ring (that she paid for) on it yesterday if she could. Thankfully, Jen still has some folks nearby honest enough to tell her she’s out of her freakin’ gourd.

“Everyone in Jennifer’s inner circle thinks she’s lost her mind,” says a source, adding that Jen’s mom has told her that marrying Casper would be “the biggest mistake of her life.”  Wow. Biggest mistake of her life? Clearly, Jen’s mom never saw Monster In Law.

If this rumor were about anyone else, I wouldn’t believe it, but judging from J. Lo’s track record, she’s clearly quick to forget that she’s fresh off a major breakup. I would expect her to have an air-tight prenup drafted, but sound decision-making isn’t exactly Jen’s strong suit (see: Monster In Law).