Jennifer Lopez’s New TLC Series Won’t Feature Her Husband Or Kids

Marc Anthony looks like a ghost

J.Lo’s new reality show which I guess isn’t a reality show, will not feature her husband skeletor or her two kids Max and Emme. It’s still following J.Lo going though the creation and launch of her new slut spray, but that’s about all we’re gonna get. This show is gonna be craptacular.

The recent show Jennifer Lopez plans to produce for TLC is not a reality show,” Fields said in a statement. “It’s a show that will track the creation, production and eventual launch of a new fragrance. Jennifer will appear in a creative, entrepreneurial capacity and will absolutely not feature her children and family life.” The series is currently in production. No air date has been revealed, but Fields says it will be this year.

She doesn’t want us to see her normal home life because then she would have to take Marc and the kids off of their leashes, and out of their cages more often.