Jerry Sandusky: 8 Alleged Victims Will Testify at Trial

Jerry Sandusky’s initial eight alleged victims have watched Jerry’s interviews, where he denies all wrongdoing, and they’ve become so upset, they decided to testify in his trial. All of the eight alleged victims mentioned in the grand jury report will testify against Sandusky at a preliminary hearing next week, ABC News reports.

Jerry Sandusky photo

TMZ reports: Sandusky’s lawyer had previously stated that his legal team had contacted the person who was allegedly raped in the Penn State locker room … and that person insisted nothing ever happened. But according to ABC, that person — and all of the rest — will say they WERE abused when they take the stand.

Jerry’s preliminary hearing begins on Dec. 13. I don’t think there’s any way Sandusky can get off. Hopefully he’ll squeeze some more incriminating interviews in before he goes to trial. Such a dumbass!