Jessica Burciaga Denies Affair with Kobe Bryant

I wouldn’t want to get in the middle of this mess either! Kobe and Vanessa Bryant may be splitting up, but Jessica Burciaga says she wasn’t involved in their split–and has never even met Kobe in the first place.

Jessica Burciaga photo

Media Takeout initially claimed that Playmate Jessica slept with Kobe and has received over one million dollars in gifts from him, but has since retracted their statements and taken the story down. It don’t matter! Everyone’s still talking.

She tweeted, “The people who know the least about a situation talk so much s**t. Geez go get a life of your own.”

Just because Jessica may not have been involved with Kobe doesn’t mean that he’s going to get off scot free. There’s sure to be more than a few stories coming out over the next few weeks about his various diddling and dabbling in half-dressed women. And even more fame whores who are going to try to get in on the action.