Jimmy Kimmel White House Correspondents Dinner Speech: He Delivered

Jimmy Kimmel emceed the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Not only was it his first time in attendance, he was also asked to do stand-up at the star studded affair! Kimmel said that he was nervous but that he hoped that everything would turn out fine, well, it did! Kimmel’s speech was one of the most diverse White House Correspondents speeches. He touched upon a wide array of topics and he shines the most when he does some improv. My only criticism is that Jimmy seemed to get nervous as he continued because some of his jokes didn’t go over so well. He really shines when he does improv, which was rare more than likely due to time constraints, but he did a good job. So did Jimmy write this the night before? He looked at his notes quite a bit, which is what one should expect from a dude who co-hosted The Man Show! Still, he hit it out the ballpark. He had a nice blend of politics and pop culture references in one memorable, hilarious speech.