Jionni LaValle: Pictures of Snooki’s Boyfriend

Nicole Polizzi has gone public with her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle. She posted the picture below on her Facebook page. We've also posted the caption that she published underneath her photo.

Jionni LaValle photo

Well since the creepy tabloids already got this picture, here is my handsome boyfriend 🙂 he makes me happy and thats all that matters

Oh my gawd. Have you ever seen such a 'I effing hate the media, here's the hot guy I'm banging, back off haters!' declaration of love before? Why is Snooki going public about her relationship and being defensive within the same sentence? It's strange. Granted the men she's hooked up with have been dogs, but she posted these pics on her personal FB (fansite) where everyone's just going to congratulate her anyway.

Still, the 22 year-old is decades more mature than Jessica Simpson, 31, who announces that she "has a major crush" on her unemployed boyfriend and freaks out after the 4-year head's up her ex-husband gave her that he's in a relationship with someone else.

I really like Jionni. He reportedly doesn't like publicity and he's very private, which are qualities that every juicehead a reality TV slut dates should have. 

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