Jo Calderone: Lady Gaga’s Male Alter Ego

There were rumors a few months ago that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite which means she’s not only carrying meat curtains, but is also rocking a baby making sausage in her pants. Those rumors may have been false but Gaga sure knows how to look like a dude!

Joe Calderone Is Lady Gaga?

These photos released by of model ‘Jo Calderone’ on the set of a shoot for Vogue Hommes Japan were posted on the website, and there’s lots of speculation that this is Lady Gaga playing her alter ego ‘Jo’. The features such as the nose and mouth are strikingly similar, so I’m going to agree with the speculators.

She’s a sexual chameleon…

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Jo Calderone MTV awardsJo Calderone VMAs pictureJo Calderone MTV VMAs photo

And she also looks like the dude that played Paul (Josh Saviano) in The Wonder Years! She’s only missing the spectacular specks!

Jo Calderone Looks Like Josh Saviano