John Edwards Indicted in Rielle Hunter Cover-Up Scandal

Karma’s a b!tch. John Edwards, the forrmer senator and presidential candidate who cheated on his dying wife with Rielle Hunter has been formerly brought up on charges as a result of accusations that he used campaign contributions to cover up his sleazy affair.

John Edwards Indicted

This news comes on the heels of the rumor that Rielle dumped Edwards’ cheatin’ @ss, possibly as a result of the investigation. Probably a smart move on Rielle’s part. The federal indictment doesn’t look good for John, especially since he’s not denying that he used money from supporters to cover up his affair. Edwards’ only argument, according to his lawyers, is that the money he received didn’t qualify as a campaign contribution.

Things just keep getting better with this guy. Here’s hoping Rielle gave him a swift kick in the balls before she walked out the door.