John Travolta Masseur: ‘I Have Proof!’

John Travolta is being sued by a male masseur for assault and sexual battery. His accuser is going by the name of “John Doe” and alleges that Travolta touched his penis and offered to give him a hand job. Famous pit bull attorney Marty Singer is representing the accuser.

John Travolta photo

Despite Travolta saying he was not in Los Angeles on January 16, 2012, John Doe has a different story.

The accuser said: “I have proof to support the truth that I’m telling,”

The lawsuit states: Travolta “touched Plaintiff’s scrotum, and this time the Plaintiff told Travolta to please not touch him again. Travolta quickly tried to rub the head of Plaintiff’s penis as he tried to pull away.”

Travolta told Doe he would “regret” filing the lawsuit, which really upset the masseur.

John Doe says that he isn’t afraid to go forward with his lawsuit.

He said he thinks his case is strong against the Pulp Fiction star. “I passed a lie detector test for the National Enquirer, and I’m telling the truth about what happened. I’m ready for my day in court.”

Game on!