Jon Gosselin Cheating

Jon Gosselin has been caught cheating on Kate Gosselin with a “beautiful young brunette.” He was caught tongue f*cking her at a nearby motel on April 18th. As previously reported, Jon was spotted with a female that he was calling “babe” at a nightclub at 2 a.m. He also wasn’t wearing his wedding band.

The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. The celebrated TV dad was spotted by a security guard April 18 at a motel only a short distance from his 26-acre Pennsylvania estate. David Reitnauer told The ENQUIRER he saw Jon kissing the woman at the top of a side entrance stairwell on the second floor at the America’s Best Value Inn.

Kate Gosselin Crazy Hat

“It didn’t look like a friendly kiss. It looked like a romantic one – it lasted for about 10 seconds,” disclosed the guard.

I’m still shocked over this. I haven’t watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 but if I were on the damn show, I wouldn’t try to cheat and get away wit it!

Jon and Kate both have a whole lotta kids to raise on their own, which is pretty sad. Who’s gonna wanna seriously date either of them long-term when there’s that much work involved? I hope everything works itself out asap and that TLC will know a good thing when they see one; ratings will skyrocket after all this mess! Keeping my eyes crossed that Kate will keep the cameras rolling.