Jonathan Rhys Meyers Receives Sentence for Threatening Police Officers

Troubled actor Jonathan Rhys Meyer has finally been sentenced for threatening to kill three police officers in France.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers picture

He’ll fork over $1,350 with a one-month suspended jail sentence for his crime, the result of a June 2009 incident in which he punched a waiter at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and threatened several law enforcement officials and their families. Jonathan was not present at the sentencing, but had previously apologized to his victims and offered them compensation.

The actor has battled alcoholism for a long time and has gone to rehab more times than I can count (I’m pretty sure he easily beats Lindsay Lohan, which is not an easy feat). I can only hope that he’s cleaning up his act for real this time, so he can go back to being sexy in period dramas, without that underlying sense of rage and uncontrollable crazy that so often taints my ogling of shirtless men.

Photo: Wenn