Jonh Mayer: Quote of the Day

I just love John Mayer. Isn’t the reason why he’s so irresistible his raw talent coupled with his impeccable sense of humor? And the good hair. And the nice body. And the luscious lips. Shall I continue?

John Mayer Details magazine cover picture

John Player is hilarious and that gets the panties to drop equally as fast as some “Body is a Wonderland” crap or some of his electric guitar strumming. John tells Details magazine:

“I don’t have ‘f-ck-you’ money. I have ‘that’s my seat’ money.”

Maybe I’m just a groupie, shhhh, but I find Johnny’s quote hilarious. As cocky as he is, there’s still plenty of modesty in there and a lot of his misconceived cockiness is just sarcasm and humor. Mayer has yet to not make me LOL whenever I watch him in an interview and I can appreciate that.

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