Junior Seau Dead: Suicide to Blame?

Former San Diego Chargers star and New England Patriots player Junior Seau was found dead in his home in Northern San Diego today. Seau was 43 years old and leaves behind three children. The police are at Seau’s residence right now and a coroner has just arrived.

Junior Seau dies

Junior text his ex-wife and three children “Love you.” They all responded to Junior. He didn’t reply, but they didn’t suspect that anything was wrong. The last time he saw his kids was three weeks ago. He didn’t show any signs of depression in recent weeks.

TMZ reports: “Seau was involved in a car accident back in 2010 when he drove his SUV off a cliff in Carlsbad, CA hours after he was arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. Seau later said he was not trying to kill himself … insisting he had fallen asleep at the wheel.”

Tragic. R.I.P.