Justin Bieber Appeals to Dads in New Perfume Commercial

Justin Bieber has no problem selling anything with his name on it, so it’s surprising that he even bothers making commercials for his new fragrance. What’s even more surprising is the target of the  ads. Biebs has decided to directly address the people who actually spend money on his crap – the dads of the biggest Beliebers.

In this kinda funny, kinda creepy clip, Justin speaks to the fathers of obsessed tweenage girls, assuring him that he understands why they hate him, and reminding them that it could be a lot worse. “Guys her age…well, remember when you were her age? Excacly. Hey, I’m a great distraction,” Justin says in the ad. It’s a pretty good point, and it’s arguably the very reason that teen idols like the Biebs are manufactured in the first place.

But the ad then takes a turn for the creepy, “Next time you hear her scream my name, relax,” says the Biebus. “It’s better than hearing her scream ‘Joey,’ who lives next door.” Um, sure…but dads don’t really wanna think about their daughter screaming anyone’s name while they’re being asked to shell out for overpriced, celeb-endorsed BS. By the way, anyone else notice the subtle blaccent on Justin? Isn’t this kid from small-town Canada?