Justin Bieber: Book Deal Signed For Second Memoir

Some would say 17 is too young to write a memoir. Everyone would say 17 is too young to write a freakin’ sequel to your memoir, but that hasn’t stopped Justin Bieber from signing a lucrative book deal with HarperCollins to deliver a second book about his life.

Justin Bieber Ridiculous Jacket Photo

Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started is scheduled to hit bookstores in September, and, like First Step 2 Forever: My Story it will be “written by” Justin only in the loosest sense of the term, (Basically, he’ll spend some time in the same state as the guy who’s actually writing it.) But that won’t stop fans from plunking down $30 for the hardcover in record numbers, just as they did for the Biebs’ first tome.

“Being able to share my story with my fans through these books is an absolute privilege,” J-Bieb told Us Weekly. “I can’t wait to show them more about my life on tour and in the studio in this next book.” Yep, two bestsellers before he can legally vote. Suck it, JD Salinger!

(Photo: WENN)