Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Song: 400k Copies Sold First Week

Justin Bieber is dedicated to his craft and because he has been so successful, he’s able to work with some of the best producers in music. Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend” is already a huge success. Billboard reports that the single is on track to sell around 400,000 downloads by the end of the tracking week on April 1.

Justin Bieber: 'Boyfriend' Cover #1

To put those figures into perspective, Bieber’s best sales week to date was last year’s “Never Say Never,” with 199,000 downloads. “Boyfriend” could earn the best sales week of the year for a single, surpassing Katy Perry’s “Part of Me,” which sold 411,000 copies a month ago.

Justin’s new single is already in the top 20 with more than 800 first-week radio plays on Top 40 stations.

Billboard writes: “After just two days-plus at radio, however, it appears that “Boyfriend” could be the song that fills in what has been one of the few voids — a radio smash — in Bieber’s meteoric career rise thus far.”

Repent. The end is near!