Justin Bieber: “Live My Life” Single Is Here!

The first single from Justin Bieber‘s Believe album won’t drop until March, but in the meantime, Beliebers can whet their appetites with “Live My Life,” a collaboration between the Biebs and Canadian hip-hop crew Far East Movement.

The song features a clubbier, more adult (and auto-tuned) sound which I’m guessing we’ll hear more of on Justin’s new album. The Biebs only sings the hook here, but it’s good that he sounds so at home on a hip-hop track, considering Believe features cameos from rap legends like Lil Wayne and Timbaland.

Listen to Justin and far East Movement’s new track above, then get ready to hear it 8,000 more times if you hit the club this weekend. Between this and the many hit singles sure to come off of Justin’s new album, it’s looking like spring 2012 will be the season of Biebus.