Justin Bieber Pierced His Ears

He is so pretty! Lesbian lookalike Justin Bieber, 17, knows how to kill a rumor. He doesn’t like it when people comment on his feminine features, so he has pierced his ears. Along with wearing purple on all the time, I’m at a loss for words… the star tattoo does help though. I’ll give him that.

Justin Bieber pierced ears picture

The Toronto native, who sported a black stud in each ear, made a surprise appearance to accept an award for his 3-D documentary, Never Say Never. The pop star’s big-screen debut ousted fellow nominated omg-worthy scenes from 127 Hours, Black Swan, Inception, and Jackass 3D.

What’s next for the Biebs? He’s trying to prove to us that he’s a man and it seems like he’s been making a lot of changes in just the past two weeks. Rehab by 20, or sex tape leak by 19?!