Justin Bieber Tattoo Pictures: Justin Gets Inked With Dad!

Justin Bieber was raised as good Christian boy, but he's also a young rich celebrity who likes to grope his girlfriend in public and get inked up with his dad.


So when Justin and pops decided to get matching tattoos, they each got the Hebrew word for "Jesus" along their ribcage. From the looks of these pics, it seems like it was a painful bonding experience.

Justin Bieber Shirtless With DadJustin Bieber Getting a Tattoo

Despite the fact that they separated when he was young, Biebs remains close with both of his parents, but it seems like dad is the cool one out of the pair. Justin still isn't legal to get a tattoo, but it looks like dad signed the consent forms and JB got inked for JC. I guess as long as mom and Selena Gomez like it, it's all good in the Bieber hood.

(Photos: The Justin Bieber Shrine)