Justin Bieber’s Parents “Freaked Out” by Selena Gomez Relationship

Apparently, it’s not just the entire world that thinks the relationship between J. Biebs and Selena Gomez is a little uncomfortable to watch; Justin Bieber’s parents are also worried about his intense relationship with the singer-actress.

Justin Bieber grabs Selena Gomez butt picture

A source tells InTouch that after the young lovebirds visited Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario, his family was “concerned” that the two of them are moving too quickly. It’s hard for any parent to accept that their kid is growing up, but it must be even harder when your kid looks like his balls still haven’t dropped.

Justin’s home base is also worried about the other changes he’s been making in his life, like the new earring and tattoo he came home with after his Maui trip with Selena…and state of his accent. The source says, “Justin’s growing up so fast, all at once. He has lost his Canadian accent and totally changed the way he speaks.” Ah! So distressing!

But the family isn’t raring for a break-up quite yet. “Overall, the family really likes Selena and is happy with her good-girl image. They’re a little freaked out by how fast she and Justin are moving, but they’re just chalking it up to young love–for now.”