Justin Theroux Break-dances on Ellen, Continues to Ride Jennifer Aniston’s Coattails

Justin Theroux has been making the talk show rounds to promote his new film, Wanderlust, which is awkward, because as an actor, he’s a no-namer and the promotional duties would normally be left up to stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. But Justin is a tabloid star now, so hosts like Ellen Degeneres are left with the task of pretending he became famous on his own merits.

That’s Justin break-dancing on Ellen and note the casual way he mentions “his girlfriend.” (“You guys might know her.”) Then, of course, he breaks out the dancin’ shoes (literally) and busts some white boy moves. The thing is, if Johnny Depp started dancing on Ellen, it might be interesting, but this is like Justin’s second TV interview. We didn’t know he could dance, because we didn’t know anything about him! There’s something annoying about the smug celebrity attitude coming from a guy no one heard of six months ago.

Anyway, Justin seems like a nice enough guy and he’s not a bad dancer, but when you’re really only famous for who you’re banging, it’s a little arrogant to assume everyone will be interested in your hidden talents.