Justin Theroux is Cheating on Jennifer Aniston?!

Jennifer Aniston‘s new boyfriend Justin Theroux had a girlfriend for the past 14 years that he dumped for Jenny. Heidi Bivens may be getting some payback, though. Star magazine reports that Justin met with Heidi on Father’s Day. Sounds like they had sex to me!

 Jen Aniston and Justin Theoroux

Star reports that Justin Theroux is already seeing his ex, Heidi Bivens, again! “Justin and Heidi secretly met on Father’s Day, and Justin spent most of their time together apologizing for acting like a cad. Uh-oh Jen!”

If that isn’t proof enough, Jen’s bestie Courteney Cox “has begged” Jennifer to dump Justin – no reason was given. Justin is allegedly “already complaining how Jen is suffocating him.” Ha. The media doesn’t want this chick to f*ck in peace. It’s decent of Justin to apologize to his ex, but that doesn’t mean he’s cheating on Aniston.

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