Kanye West Follows One Person on Twitter: Kim Kardashian

When it comes to Twitter, Kanye West only has time for one person whose name doesn’t start with “K” and end with “-anye West.”¬†Despite his 2 million followers, Yeezy has decided to save his tweet love for one lady and one lady alone…a quiet, unknown young gal by the name of Kim Kardashian. Wow. That’s love. I bet if he played sports, they’d be bonin’ by now.

Really, Kanye? With all the famous people you hang out with, that’s the one whose tweets you can’t live without? I mean, you’re frends with Jay-Z, right? What’s the problem, there? He doesn’t post enough pictures of himself in a bikini to hold your interest? What about Nicki Minaj? @ss not gigantic enough for you?

Kim Kardashian Tight Dress Picture

This Kim/Kanye flirtation has been going on for a while now, and they may claim to just be friends and collaborators, but that’s only because they think we’re all stupid. Either they’re bangin’ or one of them wants to be bangin’. Now that Kanye’s following Kim, I’m inclined to think he’s the one who wants to get out of the friend zone. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll tweet about it when he finally breaks Kim down.