Kanye West Wants “World Leaders” At His Funeral

Kanye West meticulously coordinates every aspect of his life, so it stands to reason that he already has his funeral planned out, and rest assured, Yeezy’s final party will be a ballin’ affair. 

Kanye West Deep In Thought

“I wanna have world leaders [at my funeral] that were, like, affected, that said, you know, ‘Kanye gave me my shot here…he told me to believe in myself'” he said in a recent interview. I love me some Ye, and sometimes his ego is the most entertaining thing about it him…many other times, however, it just makes him sound ridiculous. No doubt the dude has impacted some lives and been a major influence on a lot of people, but what “world leaders” will be standing next to his blinged-out casket saying, “Ya know…I never would have become Prime Minister of Namibia if Kanye hadn’t told me to believe in myself”?

That said, Kanye’s funeral is sure to be one for the ages. It may even be one of the best funerals of all time. THE BEST OF ALL TIME!!! Hopefully, Taylor Swift doesn’t croak at the same time and steal his thunder.

(Photo: WENN)