Kardashian Barbies Cancelled

Remember a few weeks ago when Mattel announced plans to release a line of Kardashian-themed Barbie dolls and everyone was like, “Wow, I hope that doesn’t happen”? Well, good news – it’s not happening!

Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal

“As popular as the Kardashian sisters are, at this point in time we are not manufacturing Barbie-branded Kardashian dolls,” said a Mattel rep, in a statement that really says, “Moms freaked out at the idea of their daughters idolizing these no-talent famewhores.”

The cancellation of the dolls is just the latest in a long line of setbacks for the Kardashian brand. A website devoted to organizing a boycott of the family is going strong despite Kim’s best efforts to destroy it, and plans to launch a magazine devoted to the K sisters have been nixed.

So are these giant-@ssed spotlight junkies finally on their way out? Reality fame doesn’t last forever, which is something that even the drunkest Jersey Shore guidettes seem to understand, but the Kardashians are so in love with themselves they can’t imagine that the rest of the world would ever lose interest.