Karrueche Tran Vs. Rihanna: Twitter Feud Heats Up

It’s hard to believe two grown women would engage in a public fight over Chris Brown, but that’s exactly what Karrueche Tran and Rihanna are doing on the Internet…and it’s getting ugly.

Rihanna Rice Cake TweetA Karrueche Tran picture

The photo on the left was Tweeted by Rihanna a couple days ago with the heading, “Ima make you my b*tch.” Naturally, many have taken it as a racist attack on the half-Vietnamese Karrueche. You can’t date Chris Brown if you’re the type to back down from a fight, so Karrueche fired right back with Facebook status reading, “I win you loose!!…I got him you got pictures of him.” I hope that wasn’t a typo and she actually meant to call Rihanna loose.

Rihanna has since deleted the offending tweet and if she eventually issues a statement about it, she’ll likely hide behind some lyrics in her “Birthday Cake” song that reference rice cakes. It’s possible that the whole thing was just an ugly misunderstanding, but it seems more like another in a long line of ignorant public missteps by Rihanna.