Kate Gosselin Jealous of Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend, Ellen Ross

Kate Gosselin may be high-strung and totally cray-cray when it comes to her children, but that’s all she really has in her life. If she can’t be super-controlling over something, she may just explode. Which does explain a lot about why she’s probably jealous of ex-husband Jon Gosselin’s much younger girlfriend, Ellen Ross–she doesn’t want Ellen to be another mother figure in their lives.

Ellen Ross Jon Gosselin

“Kate’s kids are starting to ask about Ellen and talk about her to Kate. They think Ellen is so funny, and they ask Kate if their dad is going to marry Ellen. Kate can’t stand that the kids like Ellen…Kate doesn’t like the kids getting close to her and refuses to accept Ellen.”

You can bet that Ellen is feeling the icy burn of complete and utter loathing, Kate gives the cold shoulder like no other. I’d be pissed too if I was hustling and making money to support my mini-army, but my ex was just sitting around hosting barbecues, wearing frat boy T-shirts, and having something resembling a personal life. He should get the brunt of this passive-aggressive rage. And then TLC should televise it and then we can all watch it and then…okay, maybe not.