Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars: Complaining Already

If you truly suck at something, why enter a nationally televised contest where you’ll be forced to do that very same activity in which you suck at week after week? Just asking.

Kate Gosselin Dancing With the Stars Costume

Kate Gosselin is a horrible dancer, which is pretty obvious. The woman is a control freak and you can’t overthink when you dance. You’re not supposed to think at all, really. At first Kate said “I am gonna win!” this year’s Dancing With the Stars competition, and now she’s fessing up that she’s extremely nervous and she’s in pain.

Kate, 34, told USA Today: I wake up in a cold sweat every night. What have I signed up for?… Never danced in public. It’s a huge fear. I struggle with perfection. While it’s fun, I’m frustrated. Tony has to tell me to stop being so hard on myself.”

So far, she’s had no major ailments, but she says: “There’s a sharp pain behind my right rib.”

Well now I wanna watch Kate on DWTS even more now! Her complaining makes me interested in watching this disaster. I can’t help it. Sometimes watching one’s lack of talent is oh so much better than watching the extremely talented. Team Shannen Doherty!