Kate Middleton and Prince William Getting Privacy Upgrades at Anmar Hall Estate

Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking for more privacy at Anmar Hall. Anmar Hall is a 10-bedroom home that has been in the royal family since 1898. The Duke and Duchess have plans to move the gates farther away from the home to keep a nice distance from the public.


In addition to the gates being moved, the couple also want to plant new shrubs and trees around the property.

With the recent release of Middleton’s topless photos and the coming of her first child, it’s not surprising that she’s looking for some media privacy.

It does seems like a lot of work just to get some alone time, after all, there’s got to be at least one room in that mansion with no windows. Plus, if the Duchess is anything like Jessica Simpson, that baby will be in a closet for the next six months anyway.