Kate Winslet in December Vanity Fair

Kate Winslet naked picture

Kate Winslet nude photo


Beyond hot.

Two years ago, at 31, Kate Winslet became the youngest actress ever to earn five Oscar nominations. This go-round, either of her two new movies�”Revolutionary Road, which re-unites her with Leonardo DiCaprio, or The Reader�”could put a statue in her hands. Winslet talks about having been a fat girl, getting checked out by the moms at her kids’ school, and going one-on-one with DiCaprio for her husband, director Sam Mendes.

Halle Berry also told Elle magazine,

Kate Winslet is always naked, sitting on a toilet, running buck-naked. She’s free. I want to be the kind of actress who can really be comfortable with my body like that.”

Kate’s nekkid. Talented. Confident. She makes me wanna switch teams.