Kathy Griffin No Makeup Pictures: Yikes!

At 51, Kathy Griffin continues to enjoy cult popularity as a comedian; she’s in decent shape and she seems to have no trouble keeping up with 33 year-old boyfriend Randy Bick. That said, next time Kathy is leaving the house and knows there might be paparazzi present, she may wanna put on a little foundation.

Kathy Griffin without makeupKathy Griffin no makeup

Yes, that’s Ms. Griffin bearing an unfortunate resemblance to Jack Nicholson as The Joker. Maybe it’s the smile, or the angle, but this is exactly the type of photo that embarrasses the hell out of many a female celebrity.

Then again, Kathy is not the typical female celeb. She’s probably crafting some hilarious tweets at her own expense as we speak. She’s spoken proudly about the fact that she hasn’t had any work done “in years,” and tweeted in June, “No botox, fillers, NUTHIN!”

More importantly, Kathy is funny enough to get away with looking however she wants. Joan Rivers is like 90 and I’d hit as hard as I could without causing some sort of hip injury. Why? Because she’s funny as hell, and as many an overweight bald dude who gets laid on the strength of his sense of humor can tell you – that’s a damn attractive quality.

(Photos: Fame/Flynet)